Friday, 17 May 2013

A new plan...

I was sat playing with my inks and acetate again last night when it struck me that I could probably kill two birds with one stone...

I wanted to make clear hearts, quite a few of them too!  I thought about stamping directly on to acetate but I quickly remembered that the ink doesn't dry fast and would require sealing.  Rather than ditch my hair brained idea, I though I would tackle the problem from a different angle.  

I used normal Distressed brick red ink and stamped the inside of a laminate pocket (the ink doesn't dry quickly so you have plenty of time).  Once I had enough, I sprinkled my red glitter embossing powder on the stamped hearts.  Took off the excess in the usual way, closed the pocket and put it through my laminator.  My reasoning was the heat from the laminator would activate the embossing powder whilst creating lovely shiny hearts, and guess what? It worked! YAY... very little mess too! 

I attached the hearts to my card and bingo, just what I was after with out too much fussing about! 

Go on, give it a go! Have fun! 


  1. Art that speaks from the Soul as well as the heart! Stunning .... simply stunning!

  2. Fab technique, will have to buy a laminator now!! Lovely card too x