Wednesday 12 February 2014

Tuesday, 10th February 2014 - black diamonds all the way!

Now before you get excited about me bringing black diamonds home, let me explain! Mountains have graded  pistes on them, each mountain is different so the grades are relative to each other... Are you with me so far?   OK, right, each grade lets the skier know how steep the piste (run) is so you are prepared before you set out.  For example, the easiest runs are coloured 'Green' in the USA, green runs are training slopes or just real easy runs - ideal for beginners! 'Blue' runs are steeper than green and they are great for intermediates to practice their techniques and for beginners practicing to become intermediates! We've had a lot of fun and crusing the blue runs here over the years! We then have 'Black Diamond' runs, steeper still.  These runs are great for speed, moguls, or just having a fantastic time on, and they are not for the faint hearted!  Intermediates and advanced skiers only, but there are the ocassional beginners who like to give them ago and cause all kinds of problems for themselves and the surrounding skiers!   And finally, 'Double Black Diamond' - advanced skiers only!  These runs do tend to be more natural terrian, exceptionally steep and normally very narrow spaces (through trees or using natural couloirs down mountains).  Now I love the challenge of these runs, but not too often!  They take a lot of energy out of me!    With any luck you now have an idea of the grading system!  

So, today we spent most of our skiing on the black runs, making the most of fast groomed, knee deep powder and steep mogul runs... Fantastic fun!  Grum took to these runs right back nine days ago, when he slapped on a pair of skis for the first time in 13 years... You want to see him go on them now!  There were lots of whoops going on!  I have a funny feeling Grum has really enjoyed being on skis again! YAY!  I love skiing with him! 

Because the weather was so wonderful, we took loads of photos, so I'll give you a little taster of them here and now, but I promise to upload the rest when we get home Thursday! X

View from our room, to the left!  

And too the right... You've see this a few times!

This is on one of those wonderful Black Diamond runs... This particular run is named Solitude... 

My apologies for the finger shaddow!  I was a little out of breath at this point! I haven't twisted the camera at all... Must check out the trees to the left... See!   Loved this run! 

 And a double black you ask... This is one such beast! The new Peak 6 does have blue runs, but we fanced a change having done those runs earlier in the holiday!  This open run is called Wonderland... There was a lot of people out enjoying the new Peak 6! 

Just look at the view... You can see for miles at an altitude over 12,000ft! 

The photos look a little foggy because the clouds came rolling in! 

The Rockies have a very high tree line, but the Peaks do reach up into open space... Europe skiing has a much lower tree line, so this reminds me so much of European skiing at the top but with a lot less oxygen! 

Finally we found my beloved trees again! 

Wicked, and sooooo exciting to ski!  Love it!  If I had the time and legs, I'd have done it again and again!  Grum loved it too! 

We had an amazing holiday, with more than the average ups and downs!  But boy have we got not only wonderful memories but some real life experiences to bring home! 

I hope you enjoyed visiting Breckenridge with us, I've loved sharing our day to day activities with you! 

Now, I must get up and start packing for our long journey home... Hugs and love, see you soon, Mandy & Grum xxx

Monday 10 February 2014

Monday, 10th February 2014 - whiteout!

First things first... Grum update...  The swelling on his face has come right down and he's almost back to looking normal! Lol!  

The snow levels looked crazy this morning, and we couldn't wait to get out there!  

We had a technical issue on the mountains today... Both Grum and I had forgotten to charge our mobiles, so we only have one shot of one run...  Never mind, we had a wild time in the powder, down the steeps and all of it was deep, outrageous conditions!  Delightful!  

I don't believe for one moment Grum had any idea that he would pick up skiing so quick to allow him to handle the conditions and terrian we covered today!  Steep black mogul runs, not one but two!  It's not always easy to ski powder let alone this deep or this bumpy when you have years of experience, but Grum nailed all the runs no matter how deep or steep it got!  I'm so proud of him... Grum coming out on skis this holiday has made our holiday so special.  I thought he'd be screaming for his board in theses conditions, but he didn't, he's found out that its just as much fun on skis and easier to get about too!  Bonus! Lol! 

Oh... This is me... Grum insisted on the yellow trousers so he could see me, lol xx 

I'm really looking forward to coming home now, I miss my Miss P! 

We have to go back to see Grum's surgeon tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed all is well!  When we're done there, and with the promise of some sunshine...  I'm sure we'll have a blast on our last ski day here! 

Tonight we're off out down town... Dinner at Down Stairs at Erics! Nom! 
With any luck, and a little planning, we should have both cameras at the ready tomorrow! 

Talk soon xxx love Mandy xxx

Sunday 9 February 2014

Sunday, 9th February 2014 - epic snow day

Bit of a slow start today, we needed to make sure Grum was ok before we went up.  One of the side effects from his medication can be a squidgy tummy...  But by 10:30am all was well, so we thought we'd risk it! We made a plan not to go far and to take things easy...

Yea, right! Like we ever stick to that plan... Within a very short time we were on the next mountain, peak 8 looking down a black diamond (steep) mogul field... Well, it was there and it would have been rude not to! 

Oh, just a quick note... Thank you Chris and Pops for my Christmas & birthday money... I am now the proud owner of a new jacket, helmet and goggles!  Thank you very much! Xx

Ski Stig! Lol! 

Ok, next challenge... Spot me if you can... All in white, in a snow storm... Stealth mode! Hehehe! 

I think next holiday purchase has to be some very bright, preferably checked, trousers! Not this holiday tho! Lol!  Skint! 

We had such an amazing day... The snow was coming down so heavy, it was filling in the last persons track... It was fab, everyone had new snow to play in! 

Remember my snow angel?  It's all filled in with new snow... How's a girl to keep up? Lol! 

Grum has told me that he's had as much fun on skis in the powder, as he ever had on his snowboard! Great news for me, I love skiing with him! 

So... What next?  Jacuzzi and a steak and salad dinner out!  YAY!  Diet starts Friday! Lol! X

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings! 

Have fun, love snow Stig! X

Saturday, 8th February 2014 - a brief outing!

We didn't think we'd be able to ski today, but we did manage a couple of runs up on Peak 10, our favourite!  It was very windy and snowing heavely, but the powder was delightful! 

Graham had problems breathing up the mountain, due to his goggles pressing on his swollen face, so we kept the skiing short and sweet!  It wasn't until he took his goggles offthat we realised he'd gotten a balck eye too! At least he wasn't in any pain! 

In the afternoon I left Grum resting up and went for a walk into town, a quick vivit to the local craft & bead shop (tiny little place, but I got a quick fix! 

So much snow! 

Under this snow is the Blue River! 

Main Street! 

 Nice pad!  My goodness, you'd need some money to live here... 

It's a strang but delightful place, Breckenridge! 

With any luck, we'll be back up the mountains tomorrow! 

Later, love Mandy xxx

Saturday 8 February 2014

Thursday & Friday, 6th & 7th February 2014

Well, it's been an eventful two days to say the very least!  My Grum was suffering Wednesday evening with tooth ache (gum actually).  One he came inside out of the cold he wasn't too bad and just put the whole experience down to the freezing temperatures.

Thursday morning I woke up and asked Grum how he was doing... It was obvious that it wasn't just the cold; the left side of his face was swollen and he was clearly in pain.  Grum isn't one to moan or complain, but he knew he needed to see a dentist.

Off we trotted... The dentist we found was wonderful (Thomas Nary) he checked Grum over and xrayed his mouth.  When Grum was 17 he came off his bike and knocked out his front teeth.  About four years ago Grum had a new bridge fitted, and very nice it was too!  Aparently, the packing around the root cannal was missing and a nasty infection had set in... Unfortunatly, the dentist had hurt his shoulder and couldn't perform the operationGrum needed to get him right! $66 and no consultation fees!  Only a couple of surgeons are able to carry out this operation locally... The very kind dentist made an appointment for Grum with such a surgeon for Friday morning at 09:00 in a town called Frisco, about 10 miles down the road.

Grum had a bad night during Thurday / Friday morning and had a very high temperature; he was poorly!  We were hopeful they could get him sorted immediatly.  

Well, to cut a long story short, what worried us both through the consultation period was the fact that Grum had ate breakfast not three hours ago, so they wouldn't be able to use general anaesthetic... Eeek! But he, Grum went through with an operation and an hour later came walking out looking rather stoned. He looked happier than I'd seen him for a couple of days. It took us a couple of hours to get back to the hotel on the busses, but we made it and Grum spent the afternoon chillin and sleeping!  

 In brief, the Dentist (Karl Heggland - oral and maxillofacial surgeon and rather nice looking with it too!) cut through Grum's gum, rinsed out the infection and then packed the gap with bone splints.  This will give Grum's bone something to bind to closing up the gap permanently!   $2,500 later, another $95 for his perscription and he was sorted!   Antibiotics, ibrufin and some narcotics for tea! 

This morning Grum is feeling so much better and wants to go back out to enjoy the snow... Don't worry, I won't be taking him on the steep stuff!  We'll have a gentle day in the soft, wonderful powder!  

My poor Grum... I think he looks a little like the Cat in the Hat!  ... But I stll love him! 


Thursday 6 February 2014

Wednesday, 5th February 2014 - a whole week!

Would you believe it, a whole week has gone by since we arrived at Breck!  Such a lot has changed in the way that Grum and I enjoy the mountain!  We used to hit it hard, and all day, with Grum on his snowboard and me on my skis.  Since those early days, we've slowed down a little... Well, in parts, and now instead of skiing all holiday, we now enjoy a holiday where we ski... We love it! 

However, today we were going to have a holiday day where we'd just go for a couple of runs and then go get some groceries in... Didn't quite work that way! Lol!  Once up the mountain we didn't want to get off, so we didn't!  

You'll notice a lack of photos too! Sorry!  The air temperature was the coldest its been since we arrived... I just didn't want to take my gloves off... Maybe next year we'll have a helmetcam! 

The wind picked up in the afternoon but it didn't detract from the fun we were having!  Can you believe in just a couple of days back on skis Grum attacked a mogul field!  What's one of them you ask...

Bumpy! LOL!  Want a challenge in your day, go check out your nearest! You know, for me it was great to come down the moguls, I do love a challenge!  I managed to beat my record of three bumps and then stopping (or falling over) to five... That's a whole sting of the bumpy little blighters, before stopping! I'll be going for seven next!  

Having spent all that energy it was time for another well deserved hot tub! It struck me as a very strange past-time... There I stood in my cozzi, way below freezing temperatures, people on the slopes to the side of me all wrapped up in their warmest kit! WT??? But it is great and my tan is coming on a treat! 

Guess we'll have to do the shopping tomorrow! 

Thanks for popping by, and don't forget to challenge yourself (doesn't have to be moguls) the satisfaction of trying is amazing! 

Love Mandy xxx

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Tuesday, 4th February 2014

Firstly, please accept my apologies... We didn't take a lot of photos today, we were far too busy and it was far too cold to take your gloves off! But we did take a couple! 

Grum done so well, back on skis again, we decided it was time to play on Peak 10; the steeps!  It really is wonderful skiing with him again!  We've spent years skiing/snowboarding on the same slopes, but there really is something quite magical skiing together! 

Some people ask us why we come all this way when we have the Alps on our doorstep... I always answer the wide open treelined pistes and the Champagne powder snow (not to mention the lack of lift queues!).  

After our blast around the mountain, we thought we'd do a little craft shop hunting... Well! Lol! We found one tiny craft shop and a deightful art supply shop, both sadly lacking in the finer things in life... No Tim Holtz any place!! 

I love walking around Breck, you come across some wonderful sculptures! 

This one is called Lean on Me!  

Oh, I did find a mini scrap book and a black graphic pen!  So, before dinner a quick doodle was called for! 

Or maybe two! Lol! 

Time for dinner, Grum took me for cocktails... In a jar!  Blooming tasty tho! 

Thank you for popping over to see my little bit of heaven! 

Please come again!  Have a nice day! 

Love Mandy xx