Monday 26 August 2013

My new journal!

It was a 'big' day for me yesterday putting ink to my new journal. It looked so fresh and clean when I picked it up; I just didn't want to 'spoil' it!  The first page is now inked and I can't wait to learn more and do more!! 

I hope I can inspire you to make that 'first' mark in your empty journal... It's so liberating!  Don't forget, it's your journal... You can't go wrong; although you might change your mind! Just remember you can add more, more ink, more paint, add embellishments, butterflies, flowers... You really can't go wrong!  Let your hands and heart show you the way!  And ENJOY!  X

I would love to hear about your first page... X


  1. fabulous start, looking forward to see what else you do xx

  2. So Beautiful, what a fantastic start just can't wait to see the rest x

  3. It looks fab Amanda. You're certainly off to a great start! I can't tell you about my first page as I've not tried journalling yet. x

  4. This is really beautiful! What stamps did you use or are they all by Ryn?

  5. beautiful! i appreciate this more than i can say. i will be following you through email. thank you for the spark of beauty! best wishes for making more!

  6. i just realized that you do not have a way to subscribe through email. i wish that i could follow you. this is the only way i am sure to read your blog. can you consider adding a widget so i can get blog entry notices easily. i sure would appreciate seeing what more you have to offer. thank you.

    1. Thank you Rush for your knd words. I wil see if Ican work out how to add a widget for you.. I'm no tecki tho! Lol xxx

    2. it took me awhile, but i might be able to help.
      sign out of blogger

      sign into blogger

      you will/might see a page that says "blogger has a new look!"

      right below that and to the left, there are three "buttons". the first one is an orange box. go to the middle box, and choose the down arrow. it will give you a list of "more options".

      a list will appear. choose "layout".

      you will see your blog template. on the left hand side, you will see a list of your badges (i think this is what they are called), blog archive, etc.

      choose "add a gadget", that appears at the top of the list where you want your gadget to be.

      a window will open that lists all of the gadgets that are available to you. the list that i see has 27 items, and i'm not sure if yours will be the same. "follow email" is the fifth one down. choose that. save it, and it will appear at the top of your list.

      if you want to move it to another place in that list, click, hold it and drag it to the new location.

      click "save arrangement", the orange button at the top right of the template.

      at the top left, choose "view blog". you will see your blog with the new gadget.

      if you decide that you don't want the new gadget, you can undo by following the directions above the line.

      then, go to the box of the gadget that you don't want and press "edit". this will open a window.

      at the bottom, there are three buttons. choose the one that says "remove".

      a little window asking if you meant to do that appears, press "ok". this will remove the gadget and return to your template.

      to get back to your blog, choose "view blog" on the left side at the top of the page.

      you will see your blog, and that gadget will no longer be in your list.

      this process is easier than writing it down. i hope i have helped you (and maybe your readers!). if you think it is too difficult, i will understand. just let me know, and i will add it to my blog list, but i seldom read it.

      ps. i'm not a techi either. i wrote as i did it myself. whew (for me)! for you, it should be much easier.