Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday, 30th January 2014 - shopping and acclimatisation day!

Ok! So, we've scoped out the village and found everything was right where we left it this time two years ago! 

I just couldn't believe how much snow has fallen today, it has to be close to the 2ft mark! My goodness the slopes are going to be amazing tomorrow! I really haven't seen a storm like this here in all the times we've visited! 

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the shopping trip for a lid was extremely successful!  I didn't get the fighter pilot lid :( but I did get one that fits really well and that's what really matters! 

That's the important shopping done! I also found the Pandora shop, and the cowboy boot shop, but alas... NO craft shop in the village! This plac needs sorting! 

I thought i'd share some photos from the snow sculpture, including an English entry... I'll let you guess which one! 

A rare photo of Grum & I

I loved this entry... Ugly spud! 

Dragons seem to be the order of the day! 

And an ice castle... We did't go inside today but we will wait for a brighter day! Apparently the colour inside is amazing! 



Just look at all those tree snow snakes!  ... and more snow! 


  1. Oh well I couldn't wait till morning - these pictures are amazing. There may not be an art shop but there is some fabulous art. The Ice Castle looks great I would love to go in there. We did go in an Ice Bar when we took the kids to see the Real Santa Claus in Finland, they asked if we wanted ice in our drink too!! Thanks for sharing look forward to tomorrow!

  2. It's looks fab and the ice sculptures are stunning. Glad your both having a great time xx