Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday, 31st Jan 2014 - Oh My Life, Maximus came to play!

Well, what a day!  Breckenridge saw 38" of snow in a period of 48 hours thanks to Storm Maximus! 

This is our fifth visit to Breck, and we've never been disappointed in the quality of the snow, but my goodness me, we've never experienced conditions as good as this here before!  Soft, light, champagne powder.  

We started early today, keen to take advantage of the conditions and show off our new kit!  You know, we even arrived before the lifts started to run!  

Grum was sporting his new jacket (there was no losing him up the mountain today!)

And me... New lid, goggles and trousers (apparently, also easy to spot!)

On our way to peak 10... The steep side!  Up onto the Falcon Superchair!

Top of peak 10, Grum getting his board strapped on!  Every year we promise ourselves that we'll take it easy on our first day, and every year we find ourselves aiming straight for a black run, you know, just to warm up on! 

We had an amazing time riding on peak 10.  Feeling the snow brush over your thighs whilst you ski is an exhilarating sensation!  We spent a couple of hours playing on those wonderful black runs... My skiing has never felt better!  

Needless to say, this type of play is quite exhausting.  We stopped for a bite to eat and that all important drink of water.  The storm is quite different from the usual weather pattern, the wind has been calm and the snow has fallen straight down, settling right where it landed... On the trees, heaters, posts... Everywhere! 

Guess folks didn't fancy sunbathing today! 

If you look carefully, you will see that the snow has settled on the top of the tallest trees! 

Selfie! Lol! I wanted to see if I had helmet hair! 

Arty shot! 

Several runs, a hot tub and shower later and we're off to Eric's for dinner! 

A pint of well deserved 90 Shilling Ale! 

And a very happy Grum! 

We had the most wonderful day...

No action shots... Trust me, you wouldn't have taken your gloves off or stopped to take photos!  We were enjoying ourselves far too much for that!  Soz! Xxx


  1. Brilliant shots. Glad to see you are having fun. We had snow here - about ten wet flakes. xxx Maggie

  2. The photos are lovely Amanda, stunning scenery, and not a snow man in sight lol. xxx So glad you are having a great time xxx

  3. Glad your having a great time xx love the photos x