Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday, 1st February 2014 - BRRR!

Today started early.  We watched the sun rise over a mountain... It wasn't snowing! 

Today was going to be a cold one!  -9C but with the windchill it was -17C! BRR! Not a day to be taking your gloves off too often! 

But it was delightful to see some sunshine! 

The slopes were busy today... Not that you'd notice! 

We headded out to play on Peak 7... This is at the top! 

The sun was doing its best, but snow was already on its way! 

I think we have quite enough snow to play with up here! 

Me putting the gloves back on, quickly! 

There are warming huts... Just in case! We didn't use it today, we were busy! 

Next move took us to the new Peak 6!  Monster!

Oh I say, 12,302ft, 3,750m... I bet there is an amazing view from here on a clear day...! 

And back at the bottom of peak 8... Now, that makes your ears ache! 

Mmm! Nice pad! Best start saving! X 

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