Saturday, 8 February 2014

Thursday & Friday, 6th & 7th February 2014

Well, it's been an eventful two days to say the very least!  My Grum was suffering Wednesday evening with tooth ache (gum actually).  One he came inside out of the cold he wasn't too bad and just put the whole experience down to the freezing temperatures.

Thursday morning I woke up and asked Grum how he was doing... It was obvious that it wasn't just the cold; the left side of his face was swollen and he was clearly in pain.  Grum isn't one to moan or complain, but he knew he needed to see a dentist.

Off we trotted... The dentist we found was wonderful (Thomas Nary) he checked Grum over and xrayed his mouth.  When Grum was 17 he came off his bike and knocked out his front teeth.  About four years ago Grum had a new bridge fitted, and very nice it was too!  Aparently, the packing around the root cannal was missing and a nasty infection had set in... Unfortunatly, the dentist had hurt his shoulder and couldn't perform the operationGrum needed to get him right! $66 and no consultation fees!  Only a couple of surgeons are able to carry out this operation locally... The very kind dentist made an appointment for Grum with such a surgeon for Friday morning at 09:00 in a town called Frisco, about 10 miles down the road.

Grum had a bad night during Thurday / Friday morning and had a very high temperature; he was poorly!  We were hopeful they could get him sorted immediatly.  

Well, to cut a long story short, what worried us both through the consultation period was the fact that Grum had ate breakfast not three hours ago, so they wouldn't be able to use general anaesthetic... Eeek! But he, Grum went through with an operation and an hour later came walking out looking rather stoned. He looked happier than I'd seen him for a couple of days. It took us a couple of hours to get back to the hotel on the busses, but we made it and Grum spent the afternoon chillin and sleeping!  

 In brief, the Dentist (Karl Heggland - oral and maxillofacial surgeon and rather nice looking with it too!) cut through Grum's gum, rinsed out the infection and then packed the gap with bone splints.  This will give Grum's bone something to bind to closing up the gap permanently!   $2,500 later, another $95 for his perscription and he was sorted!   Antibiotics, ibrufin and some narcotics for tea! 

This morning Grum is feeling so much better and wants to go back out to enjoy the snow... Don't worry, I won't be taking him on the steep stuff!  We'll have a gentle day in the soft, wonderful powder!  

My poor Grum... I think he looks a little like the Cat in the Hat!  ... But I stll love him! 



  1. Ouch. Poor Grum glad he's feeling better now.

  2. Oh dear... what an eventful couple of days and an expense not needed! Hope your insurance will pay out .... rest up and take it easy I say!! Nurse Mandy to the rescue!!!

    1. I'll do my best to look after him Kim. We don't go anywhere without insurance!

  3. Oh deary deary me - I didn't see this as i am just catching up in blogland and having a it of a shifty on fb. Its Sunday now so I hope all is ok but what a lot of expense!! glad to hear you are insured though - hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday (((hugs))) xx this bloody word verification is doing my head in missus x

    1. He's doing well Linda, thank you. He's not in any pain but his face is very swolen! Oi didn't know this account had word verification on it! I'll get it sorted when I get home xxxx hugs right back xxx