Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tuesday, 10th February 2014 - black diamonds all the way!

Now before you get excited about me bringing black diamonds home, let me explain! Mountains have graded  pistes on them, each mountain is different so the grades are relative to each other... Are you with me so far?   OK, right, each grade lets the skier know how steep the piste (run) is so you are prepared before you set out.  For example, the easiest runs are coloured 'Green' in the USA, green runs are training slopes or just real easy runs - ideal for beginners! 'Blue' runs are steeper than green and they are great for intermediates to practice their techniques and for beginners practicing to become intermediates! We've had a lot of fun and crusing the blue runs here over the years! We then have 'Black Diamond' runs, steeper still.  These runs are great for speed, moguls, or just having a fantastic time on, and they are not for the faint hearted!  Intermediates and advanced skiers only, but there are the ocassional beginners who like to give them ago and cause all kinds of problems for themselves and the surrounding skiers!   And finally, 'Double Black Diamond' - advanced skiers only!  These runs do tend to be more natural terrian, exceptionally steep and normally very narrow spaces (through trees or using natural couloirs down mountains).  Now I love the challenge of these runs, but not too often!  They take a lot of energy out of me!    With any luck you now have an idea of the grading system!  

So, today we spent most of our skiing on the black runs, making the most of fast groomed, knee deep powder and steep mogul runs... Fantastic fun!  Grum took to these runs right back nine days ago, when he slapped on a pair of skis for the first time in 13 years... You want to see him go on them now!  There were lots of whoops going on!  I have a funny feeling Grum has really enjoyed being on skis again! YAY!  I love skiing with him! 

Because the weather was so wonderful, we took loads of photos, so I'll give you a little taster of them here and now, but I promise to upload the rest when we get home Thursday! X

View from our room, to the left!  

And too the right... You've see this a few times!

This is on one of those wonderful Black Diamond runs... This particular run is named Solitude... 

My apologies for the finger shaddow!  I was a little out of breath at this point! I haven't twisted the camera at all... Must check out the trees to the left... See!   Loved this run! 

 And a double black you ask... This is one such beast! The new Peak 6 does have blue runs, but we fanced a change having done those runs earlier in the holiday!  This open run is called Wonderland... There was a lot of people out enjoying the new Peak 6! 

Just look at the view... You can see for miles at an altitude over 12,000ft! 

The photos look a little foggy because the clouds came rolling in! 

The Rockies have a very high tree line, but the Peaks do reach up into open space... Europe skiing has a much lower tree line, so this reminds me so much of European skiing at the top but with a lot less oxygen! 

Finally we found my beloved trees again! 

Wicked, and sooooo exciting to ski!  Love it!  If I had the time and legs, I'd have done it again and again!  Grum loved it too! 

We had an amazing holiday, with more than the average ups and downs!  But boy have we got not only wonderful memories but some real life experiences to bring home! 

I hope you enjoyed visiting Breckenridge with us, I've loved sharing our day to day activities with you! 

Now, I must get up and start packing for our long journey home... Hugs and love, see you soon, Mandy & Grum xxx

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  1. ive so enjoyed your stories of your holiday safe journey back
    daisy xx