Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Monday, 3rd February 2014 - birthday treat!

Today was such a wonderful day.  Graham hired skis; I'm so proud of him, it's been 13 years since he last skied and he picked it straight back up!  In fact, he's quicker than me on the black runs!  Whats that all about? Lol!   

We started the on the cruisier runs, but it wasn't long before we were tazzing about all over the place!  Peak 9 to peak 6 and all in between!  We had a massive day! It's amazing how many runs you can get in when you dont have to wait at the top of a lift to strap on their board! My legs were jelly by the time we hit the hot tubs! 

The lift guys were wonderful too, adding to my special day!  Every time the lift pass was scanned they sang or shouted Happy Birthday!  It did make me chuckle! Bless um! 

 A Sun Dog... Always a great sign! 

The view into Breck from the top of Peak 9

We made it over to Peak 6 in hope that we would have a better view from the top, unfortunately, on our way there the clouds stated to roll in. It was still fun tho! 

More of the mountain can be skied, but it means trecking to the very top.  Not for the faint hearted, like me! 

It is a strange experience, standing in the clouds! 

Then it was lunch time! We sat in the sun for 30 mins or so waiting for a table... It's a hard life (and yes, now I'm gloating!)

And after lunch, a favourite black run for Grum Duke, closely followed by Spruce, and Frosy's Freeway (quite a few mogles to be had too!).  It always happens when we say we'll take it easy!  It just can't be helped! LOL! 

It's wonderful that Grum picked it up so quickly, it's fantastic to be skiing with him again!  I loved it and I believed Grum did too!  He's keen to get out there again tomorrow! 

Thank you for popping by!   Wish you were here too! 

Hugs, Mandy xxx

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  1. Great photos, sounds fun, Happy Birthday (again) xx