Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday, 9th February 2014 - epic snow day

Bit of a slow start today, we needed to make sure Grum was ok before we went up.  One of the side effects from his medication can be a squidgy tummy...  But by 10:30am all was well, so we thought we'd risk it! We made a plan not to go far and to take things easy...

Yea, right! Like we ever stick to that plan... Within a very short time we were on the next mountain, peak 8 looking down a black diamond (steep) mogul field... Well, it was there and it would have been rude not to! 

Oh, just a quick note... Thank you Chris and Pops for my Christmas & birthday money... I am now the proud owner of a new jacket, helmet and goggles!  Thank you very much! Xx

Ski Stig! Lol! 

Ok, next challenge... Spot me if you can... All in white, in a snow storm... Stealth mode! Hehehe! 

I think next holiday purchase has to be some very bright, preferably checked, trousers! Not this holiday tho! Lol!  Skint! 

We had such an amazing day... The snow was coming down so heavy, it was filling in the last persons track... It was fab, everyone had new snow to play in! 

Remember my snow angel?  It's all filled in with new snow... How's a girl to keep up? Lol! 

Grum has told me that he's had as much fun on skis in the powder, as he ever had on his snowboard! Great news for me, I love skiing with him! 

So... What next?  Jacuzzi and a steak and salad dinner out!  YAY!  Diet starts Friday! Lol! X

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings! 

Have fun, love snow Stig! X


  1. Fab Mandy - can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your photos of your holiday - squidgy tummy - totally understand that - I get that just being on holiday let alone being on medication!!! LOL Hope Grum is recovering well xx

    1. I'm so pleased Kim! Grum is doing really well thank you! Xx

  2. Braver than me to carrying on skiing in so much snow. My husband always wears a bright coloured jacket, so that we can spot him, he has a habit of taking the wrong run. Off to Austria in just under four weeks with the whole family and their partners, really looking forward to it.

    1. I love Austria, beautiful country! Excellent skiing too! I love powder skiing, the snow here is so light and fluffy and not at all hard work! I love the way you feel it coming over you thighs!!

      I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday xxx.