Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday, 2nd February 2014 - Superbowl Sunday!

Its been such a beautiful bluebird day here in Breckenridge!  We saw the Rockies in all their beautiful glory...  I hope you enjoy our snaps!  

Check out the deep blue sky... That's altitude for you! 

My skis! 

Despite the sun it was -4C and no wind... In the sun it was glorious, in the shade it was freezing! 

At the top of the mountain the sky is almost black! 

Busy pistes as usual... The crowds here are wild! Lol! 

The snow is perfect for my tame snowboarder too!  Grum does look smug! 

This is perfectly groomed corduroy! 

Our favourite Peak 10 and a view over to Keystone! 

Follow me...

We came off the slopes around lunch time to get prepared for the big game!   

A quick hot tub and we were sorted!  Grum said I couldn't get a tan in 20 minuets.... Ha! 

Now we're settled in front of the TV ready for the action... Now where has Grum put that beer? 

Thank you for visiting with us xxx

Love Mandy x


  1. Such a beautiful blue sky and great shots- how do you cope with the altitude - does it not make your head light and swimmy? Brill - thanks for sharing - makes me feel like I am there!

  2. Hi Kim, when we arrive we always take the first day off to help us aclimatise to the altitude. The village is 9,500ft before you even think about going up! I don't seem to struggle too much with the altitude too much but Grum really feels it. You have to make sure you drink lots of water! I'm pleased you like the photos, it is a beautiful place. Xxx

  3. What stunning photos, Mandy. If we made our craft skies that blue, we would be accused of overdoing it. It is safe to assume you are having a great time. xx Maggie