Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday, 10th February 2014 - whiteout!

First things first... Grum update...  The swelling on his face has come right down and he's almost back to looking normal! Lol!  

The snow levels looked crazy this morning, and we couldn't wait to get out there!  

We had a technical issue on the mountains today... Both Grum and I had forgotten to charge our mobiles, so we only have one shot of one run...  Never mind, we had a wild time in the powder, down the steeps and all of it was deep, outrageous conditions!  Delightful!  

I don't believe for one moment Grum had any idea that he would pick up skiing so quick to allow him to handle the conditions and terrian we covered today!  Steep black mogul runs, not one but two!  It's not always easy to ski powder let alone this deep or this bumpy when you have years of experience, but Grum nailed all the runs no matter how deep or steep it got!  I'm so proud of him... Grum coming out on skis this holiday has made our holiday so special.  I thought he'd be screaming for his board in theses conditions, but he didn't, he's found out that its just as much fun on skis and easier to get about too!  Bonus! Lol! 

Oh... This is me... Grum insisted on the yellow trousers so he could see me, lol xx 

I'm really looking forward to coming home now, I miss my Miss P! 

We have to go back to see Grum's surgeon tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed all is well!  When we're done there, and with the promise of some sunshine...  I'm sure we'll have a blast on our last ski day here! 

Tonight we're off out down town... Dinner at Down Stairs at Erics! Nom! 
With any luck, and a little planning, we should have both cameras at the ready tomorrow! 

Talk soon xxx love Mandy xxx


  1. Fingers crossed that the healing process is on track - hope you had a lovely dinner - and that your last day is full of absolute fun! xx