Sunday, 9 February 2014

Saturday, 8th February 2014 - a brief outing!

We didn't think we'd be able to ski today, but we did manage a couple of runs up on Peak 10, our favourite!  It was very windy and snowing heavely, but the powder was delightful! 

Graham had problems breathing up the mountain, due to his goggles pressing on his swollen face, so we kept the skiing short and sweet!  It wasn't until he took his goggles offthat we realised he'd gotten a balck eye too! At least he wasn't in any pain! 

In the afternoon I left Grum resting up and went for a walk into town, a quick vivit to the local craft & bead shop (tiny little place, but I got a quick fix! 

So much snow! 

Under this snow is the Blue River! 

Main Street! 

 Nice pad!  My goodness, you'd need some money to live here... 

It's a strang but delightful place, Breckenridge! 

With any luck, we'll be back up the mountains tomorrow! 

Later, love Mandy xxx


  1. Wow! It looks a fabulous place! X

    1. It's quite amazing, casual, friendly! We love it here! X